30% Off! On sale! High quality electric bikes in LAS VEGAS Warehouse!

Who are we?

“With our cutting-edge technology, sleek designs, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re more than just a bike manufacturer – we’re a lifestyle brand that’s changing the game.”

Core Team

A number of senior enterprise managers;

10+ technical personnel ;10+ senior sales personnel; 50+ technical workers…

For the company’s R & D, production and sales work to provide comprehensive support and cooperation!

Scale of Production

8000 square meters of production base

2 standardized production lines

Annual output of 50,000+ bikes

Focus on quality management and production process standardization

Production Equipment

Netherlands imported automatic winding machine, automatic correction machine

10+ high precision testing instrument

A number of advanced processing and testing equipment

The production process is efficient and accurate,

Meet the international standards of bicycle production

Exhibitors and visitors

Participate in 20+ domestic and foreign exhibitions

In-depth communication and cooperation with customers

Visit clients abroad regularly

Establish extensive international business cooperation

Establish good channel relations with foreign customers

Date:2023-4-27 Author:freepath